Other Language Services

Private or Group Tutoring

We offer private or group tutoring in Spanish, English, or linguistics. Learn the language beyond your textbook. Improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency, and overall confidence with the language. We will work with you at your level and pace. We can tailor sessions to fit your specific need or language goal. Sessions are an hour long and can be in-person (recommended) or virtual through Skype or similar platforms. Combine tutoring sessions with out coffee & conversation events for even more practice!

Private Classes customized for YOU

While tutoring is meant to supplement material you're learning in a class elsewhere (high school, college, etc.), our private classes are for students who are not currently enrolled in a Spanish class but want to learn. We start by finding out your personal learning goals, and then custom tailor a curriculum to suit your needs. Whether your aim is to start with the beginner basics, improve your fluency, or develop your vocabulary for a specific context, we are here to help you meet that goal!

Tutoría de ESL/Inglés

Ofrecemos tutoría de inglés como segunda lengua con instrucción específicamente diseñada para hispanohablantes. Déjanos ayudarte a sobresalir en tus clases de ESL. Mejora tu gramática, vocabulario, pronunciación, fluidez, y confianza en tu manejo del idioma. Sesiones pueden ser privadas o grupales, de media hora o de una hora.

Coffee & Conversation | Café & Conversación

Are you learning Spanish but feel frustrated when it comes to the speaking and listening aspect of it? It's impossible to master a language without real-world opportunities to hear and speak it. Come out to one of our "Café y Conversación" events and practice what you know with other Spanish learners and native speakers. games. This is a free event that we coordinate to give learners in the area a chance to practice their conversational skills. We have ice-breaker type games and conversation topic cards, but really you are free to talk about whatever you want! This event is scheduled from time to time, so drop by when you can! Always check the Facebook page to see when the next one is scheduled.
Pre-Travel Spanish Crash Courses

Do you have an upcoming business trip, vacation, mission trip, or study abroad session and need to learn the language - FAST? Don't panic, we have the perfect solution for you! We offer 1, 2, or 4-week Crash Courses than can be taken alone or as a group. We take into account the nature of your trip, the country or countries that you will be visiting, and then we design a whirlwind course specifically tailored for you. Vacation? We've got you covered on how to order food or ask for directions. Mission trip? Why don't we brush up on kid-related vocabulary. Going to Costa Rica? Let's all practice together: Pura via, mae! We will teach you survival phrases and useful vocabulary, grammar basics, and tips on culture and customs - but ONLY what will be practical and helpful to you! We don't bother drilling grammar forms and doing lengthy writing assignments when we know you will mostly be speaking! You need the real-world language! This is one of our favorite services at Bilingüitos because we know you're going to be able to use what you've learned almost immediately! For most effective cram-learning, try to start a month before you leave, meeting more than once a week. Procrastinator? Schedule your crash course as last-minute as one week before your trip!

*NOW IN SESSION* Spanish Classes for Adult Learners

Want to learn Spanish in a fun, stimulating learning environment with others that share your same goal? We have classes that meet once a week and run by semester (Sept-Dec; Feb-May; summer). You will be learning from a linguist and Spanish language enthusiast who delights in seeing her students succeed in their language learning endeavors. Class atmosphere is fun and upbeat with plenty of ways to implement what you are learning. Combine classes with our free "Cafe y Conversación" events for even more practice.
Class availability dependent on enrollment and term
Class minimum: 5, Class maximum: 15

•Fast-track Beginner

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Why learn from a linguist?

A word from our tutor and teacher:

Hi all! I'm Kaila, a linguist and language educator, graduate of George Mason University. I'm passionate about Spanish education and I hope I can help you reach your language goal. I'm a balanced bilingual and I have lived in Latin America for years so I know more than just textbook Spanish. I myself am an avid language enthusiast and have been through language learning and understand how the process works. I can teach you tips and tricks that have worked for me in the past. Let me help you master Spanish beyond the textbooks!

Linguistics is the study of language as a science. It looks at language as knowledge systems and studies how these systems work, the patterns they follow, etc. This gives linguists good insight into how to break down language and teach it from the ground up.

Linguists can focus in on specific aspects of language such as phonetics & phonology (the native sound inventory of a language and the way a learner aims to produce these sounds), morphology (the units of meaning within words), syntax (sentence order and structure), semantics (interpretation and meaning), and pragmatics (real world language use).